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These are chapters for my "book" that I hope to write about my cochlear implant journey and experience. Chapters will not be in order but enjoy them as they are written. . .

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Midnight Golf

Dawn recently wrote me an email and reminded me of a time when we "talked in the dark" years ago. We were both members of the Junior Civic League when we lived together in Ohio. One of the fund raisers that we had was a golf scramble at night with fluorescent golf balls. That was one of the few times that I played golf and actually enjoyed it. The following is an excerpt from her letter:

When you wrote the story about "Talking in the Dark" on your blog I was reminded of the time when our guys played a game of golf in Chillicothe one night. Since it was a night golf game the only way we could talk to one another was for me to put a fluorescent golf ball up to my lips so you could see them and understand what I was saying. We had such fun that night. We talked away for hours not thinking a thing about what we had to do just to communicate. When one ball would go dim we would pick up another. We went all night like that. Just walking and talking and picking up balls, especially stray ones when Bill and Steve would miss a shot. Those were such sweet, happy times between good friends. I can't remember which one of our guys won that golf match. I only remember that I had such a good time talking and laughing with a dear friend. It is my prayer for you, dear Laurie, that one day you will hear all those who talk to you in the dark. I also pray that we will have many phone conversations to stay in touch and that repairmen you need will be only be a phone call away. God has been with you dear friend even in your darkest times throughout this journey and "I Can Only Imagine" that he will continue to bless you because you have been so faithful to Him. I look forward to what still lies ahead for you!! I love you!! Have a great day, my dear Laurie!! Love ya, Dawn 09/30/05


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